Via Flaminia – Corsica – 1-9 oktober 2022

01/10/2022 – 09/10/2022

Historic Rally
1077 ES Amsterdam, Nederland

The 17th edition of the Via Flaminia is subtitled “Ozewiezewozewiezewallakristallix”, because we imagine ourselves as a Corsican this warlord for a week and are going to relive the adventures of Asterix and Obelix. Not fleeing by foot from the Romans, but driving comfortably in our classics on winding roads with beautiful views. Looking for delicious dishes with local wines in the company of the other participants. We spend the night in a variety of hotels, usually on the coast but also in the mountains. And even have an afternoon off. Each hotel has a swimming pool, so drive the route right in one go. Then you will enjoy it longer. Map of the rally in Corse If desired, we can arrange the transport of your car from the Netherlands to Pisa airport. From there it is a half hour drive to our first hotel, Grand Hotel Palazzo in Livorno. Its grand, but also very stylish. You will experience the great advantage of this hotel the next day, as it is only a ten minute drive to the ferry. And every minute counts if you have to check in no later than 6.30 am! You can take breakfast and lunch on the four and a half hour crossing to Bastia. Arriving in Corsica, we drive along a spectacular coastal road to the Hostellerie de l’Abbaye. A former monastery in Calvi. Here we spend two nights. The next day we drive through olive groves and head into the mountains for our first pass. On Tuesday we drive through Corsica’s highest mountain pass on the famous D84. It is quite an experience. Don’t forget to look at the villages that seem to be glued to the mountain. We arrive in a charming hotel located in the middle of the mountains in the Parc Naturel of Haute Corse. We continue our way to a vineyard in Aléria. There we enjoy a tour with accompanying tasting and lunch. In the afternoon there is an easy road to Port Vecchio, once a haven for pirates. Haven’t Asterix and Obelix been here too? Here the group is divided into two hotels, where we comfortably stay two nights. They are only a 2-minute walk from each other. And upon arrival we have dinner together in one of the hotels. Thursday morning we tour the coastal area. Our tour ends in Bonifacio which is conspicuously built on a rock and offers numerous restaurants on the art side. Here we leave you free for the rest of the day. Would you like to discover Bonifacio, enjoy the hotel or visit Porto Vecchio? Perhaps the three of them. And already it is the last rally day. We move from the East to the West coast. We start in the mountains and drive past authentic Corsican villages, before lowering our way to the sea. That is where we enjoy lunch. Thereafter we take our last leg through the lowlands on to the capital Ajaccio. We probably all are curious to whom the prizes will go. But we will keept that secret for a while. On Saturday it is a 3 hour scenic drive to Bastia where, in the afternoon, the ferry will bring us back to Livorno. We will arrive there at ± 6 PM and again will stay in the Grand Palace Hotel where we started a week ago. Seems like ages ! On this last evening we will have closing dinner with awards ceremony. You can dress up as Ozewiezewozewiezewallakristallix or one of the other Asterix and Obelix comic book friends. That is appreciated in several respects. The next day your can deliver your car at Pisa airport and fly back home, with some Corsican memories in your head luggage. As always, the Via Flaminia is a relaxed rally where the competition serves the atmosphere, winning is not a goal in itself. There is enough time for a cup of coffee or a photo. No time limit. Classification is done by navigation and the competition for last place sometimes is fierce. There is a Sport class for the more competitive participants. There are 28 available entry positions for cars up to 1982. For teams with a combined age under 100, there is a 1% discount for each year below 100, with a maximum of 20% (reference year 2022). They may also bring a younger car, one year for every two years their combined age is less than 100 years. The rally is all inclusive and includes breakfast, most lunches and dinner, wine and soft drinks. An exception is one of the dinners in Calvi where you can go out on yourself and for your own expense. For practical reasons, meals on the ferries are at your own expense as well. The two ferry crossings are included in the price, as well as a service car during the whole rally. Of course we hope that after all vaccinations, Covid will no longer play a role in 2022. But the virus has surprised us before. If we have to cancel the rally due to these kinds of circumstances, we will refund your entry fee minus the costs already incurred. You will find further details on the registration form.

The rally starts at the Hotel Grand Palazzo in Livorno, Italy.
From there on we will take the ferry to Bastia for a 6 day round-trip in Corsica.
After taking the ferry back to Livorno we will finish in the same hotel in Livorno.

Via Flaminia